Concert C - GCEA  - high G

7U New Nylgut Concert Ukulele Strings Set in C - High G

Concert C - GCEA - high G

Artno: 479561

89 kr (inkl. mva)



New Nylgut

Nylgut is the most famous synthetic material developed by Aquila to replicate the tonal qualities and feel of natural gut strings, which were historically used on many string instruments before the advent of nylon.

Nylgut is made from a proprietary blend of synthetic materials designed to mimic the density and elasticity of gut. The exact composition is a closely guarded secret of Aquila.

This new material has made the fame of Aquila's strings which became the standard for modern ukulele. These New Nylgut strings are renowned for their:

  • Tone Quality: warm, rich tone, more natural and organic compared to traditional nylon strings, close to gut strings.
  • Feel and Playability: smooth, slightly textured feel, which some players prefer over the slicker surface of nylon strings. The feel is designed to be similar to gut, offering a comfortable playing experience.
  • Durability and Stability: Unlike natural gut, which is very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, Nylgut is more stable and durable. It maintains its tuning and tone quality over time better than gut strings, while still offering a traditional sound.

Concert 7U GCEA Set with high G Gauges:

1 ^A0,654,920,026010,84
2 ^E0,824,390,03209,68
3 ^C0,973,870,03808,54
4 ^G0,704,530,02809,98


Just like gut, the New Nylgut® is liable to suffer from cutting edges. Before stringing the instrument do make sure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges and the nut grooves not too deep and perfectly smooth. You can get rid of sharp edges with very fine grit sandpaper (600, for example) or the finest steelwool (000).


The best sound quality develops when the strings have completely set, which may ordinarily take sometime. To achieve a stable intonation in just a few minutes you can repeatedly pinch each string at midlength with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and tune it up again. Stop when the string does not pull out of tune anymore.

- Nbr of strings : 4

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